About PWBS

Power Water Blasting Services LTD (PWBS) was first formed in November 1998 by Mark and Jodie Power. The company grew from Mark’s father’s commercial cleaning business Power Cleaning Services Ltd which has been operating since 1966, of which Mark was a supervisor.

PWBS specialises in cleaning street furniture and privately owned bus shelters and has been doing so since 1998. It has always been PWBS's business philosophy of continuous improvement and we have trailed many different cleaning systems in the 18 years they have been in business. Pure Water Cleaning Systems is a game changer!


PWBS recognises the importance of environmental preservation and has had successful trials with the 'PURE WATER' cleaning system within our daily street furniture cleaning. It was identified that the paint surfaces of the framing and structure of street furniture reacted similar to that of paint on cars, boats, caravans and a number of other hard/harden paint surfaces. The glass of course reacted the same as windows in any car, boat, caravan, home, building etc. Paint surfaces and windows are left spot free, normally using no chemicals and there is zero impact on the environment. Tap or hydrant water goes through a process which de-ionises the water and removes all impurities that normally cause ‘water spotting’. 'PURE WATER' has all these minerals removed so there is nothing left to spot when pure water evaporates. No drying off on most surfaces.

By not using chemicals (or very little only as required) there is no chemical residue left on the surfaces as there would be with normal cleaning processes. With no chemical residue left dirt and dust are less attracted to the surfaces so they remain cleaner for longer.

We have a variety of 'PURE WATER cleaning systems perfect for commercial use i.e commercial car and boat yards, commercial window cleaning, spray painters etc, and for the home user. The systems are easy to use, very portable and very quiet. Because 'Pure Water' cleaning systems are, specialist systems can becustom made to meet specific customer requirements.