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Commercial & Residential House & buliding washing

Power Waterblasting Services Ltd have been cleaning commercial and residential buildings for the past 20 years.

Using approved detgents suitable for cleaning painted and smooth surfaces.

We use a tried and tested detgents that removes dirt, mould, algae and grime first.
We then use low to medium pressure to rinse the dirt away leaving a fresh clean result

Quotes for cleaning are from the gutter to the accessible ground level and  include outside of gutters, spouting/downpipes, eaves/sofits, joinery, entranceways and base of the building.

An additional service after cleaning we can reclean your windows with our Pure Water Cleaning System which uses de-ionoised water where all total solids which cause water spotting on your glass windows are removed to leave your windows sparkling and spot free.

See our Window Cleaning Services page

Skyvac Gutter Cleaning - coming soon 

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Driveway pavers before