Health and Safety

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Committed to a safe workplace

Power Waterblasting Services is committed to taking reasonable steps to prevent personal injury or damage to property and in ensuring the safety of our staff and the public. All newly appointed Power Waterblasting Services staff participate in our New Employee Induction and Training System which includes completing an approved Traffic Management Training course, along with equipment, chemical safety, personal safety, Work Safe, hazard identification and control and environmental awareness training.

‘Cleaning and Street Safety Check Lists’ and ‘Daily Risk Analysis’ forms are in all vehicles and are to be completed and adhered to by all staff at all times. As a reminder to “Stop and Think Safety” Power Waterblasting Services ask our valued employees to complete a “Take 5” Risk Assessment each week.

The Safety Checklists and the ‘Take 5” along with scheduled Health and Safety meetings are a way of supporting and reminding our staff to ensure they follow all Health and Safety Procedures. These checklists are easily accessible to our staff at all times.

To date Power Waterblasting Services has an excellent Health and Safety record.

Directors Mark and Jodie Power.