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Commercial & Residential waterblasting

Power Water Blasting Services can waterblast concrete, cobblestones, brickwork, pavers, driveways, paths and timber to remove algae, mould and general dirt.

PWBS Services Chemwashing

Commercial & Residential House washing

Power Waterblasting Services Ltd have been House washing commercial and residential buildings for the past 20 years.

PWBS Windowcleaning

commercial & residential window cleaning

All our outside window cleaning is done from the ground using our Carbon fibre telescopic poles that can reach up to 4 stories eliminating the use of ladders , scaffold & cherry pickers saving the cost of time & money for the customer. Our pure water cleaning systems remove all the minerals from your tap water so it leaves your windows spot free.

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Commercial & Residential gutter cleaning

Our Skyvac gutter cleaner allows us to clean your gutters from the ground eliminating the use of ladders, scaffold cherry pickers saving the cost of time and money for the customer.

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