PUREWASH 2.5L Window Cleaning System

PUREWASH 2.5L Window Cleaning System


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PUREWASH 2.5 L Window Cleaning System can be used for single or dual operators for commercial or residential window cleaning.


  • Capable of producing 2,000 litres of Pure Water without recycling.
  • Stainless steel housings with 200psi pressure rating last longer than fibreglass housings.
  • Large 20 x 2.5 sediment pre-filter for removing sediment, dirt, dust from tap water ( lasts approx 20,000 hours).
  • Holds 3 litres of water.
  • Tall narrow housings improve utilisation of the Ion Exchange Resin.
  • The unit is very light weight and compact so easy to fit into and transport any vehicle.
  • It can be transported and operated lying down.
  • Resin can be recycled yielding another 15% approx.

The system is complete with :

  • 5 litre PureWash Ion Exchange Resin
  • Comes with a pressure gauge to monitor inlet water pressure
  • 20 inch prefilter
  • Dual outlet for using 2 water-fed poles at the same time
  • Quick and easy resin changes into the refillable DI cartridge
  • Includes a hand held TDS meter for measuring water quality (PPM)
  • New Zealand made

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