Polyurythane Waterfed Hose 8mm

Polyurythane Waterfed Hose 8mm



Polyurythane Waterfed Hose

Size: 8.0mm (O.D) X 5mm (I.D) Pole Hose or 12mm(O.D) x 9mm (I.D) Reel Hose
Suitable for: Waterfed Window Cleaning
Features: Polyurythane Waterfed Hose is for Waterfed Window Cleaning using Tap Water or a ‘Pure Water’ Cleaning System. The 8 x 5mm is used as pole hose and can be used as reel hose up to 50 metres – choose 12 x 9mm if more than 50 metres of hose is required. Hose is sold per metre and excludes fittings.

Approximate Flow Rates – 8x5mm
15 metres = 5 litres / minute
90 metres = 1.25 litres / minute

Approximate Flow Rates – 12x9mm
90 metres = 5 litres / minute

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