Purewash 5L Domestic Unit

Purewash 5L Domestic Unit


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PureWash 5 litre domestic unit is the perfect entry level window commercial/home-user system for spot free cleaning on cars, windows, boats, and many other surfaces just using a water-fed brush unit.

The unit is very portable and just plugs into a normal garden hose.

The system is complete with

  • 5 litre PureWash Ion Exchange  Resin
  • 10 inch carbon pre-filter
  • Comes with a pressure gauge to monitor inlet water pressure
  • Single inlet and outlet
  • Quick and easy resin changes into the refillable DI cartridge
  • Can be operated lying down
  • Includes a hand held TDS meter for measuring water quality (PPM)
  • New Zealand made

View our demonstration video below.


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