PureWash Carwash Pure Water System

PureWash Carwash Pure Water System


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PureWash Carwash Pure Water System is perfect for vehicle grooming for rinsing off cars, vans, boats and trucks. The system is very quick as all that is required is a rinse off with the pure water, the only areas that are required to be dried are the areas where the water can pool and cannot run off. 


  • The unit is very portable and just plugs into a normal garden hose
  • The unit is capable of producing 8,000 litres of pure water without recycling.
  • Produces 10-20 litres of pure water per minute.
  • High flow rate cleaning.
  • 10 inch jumbo Carbon pre-filter.
  • Tall twin DI cartridges improve utilisation of Ion Exchange Resin that can be swapped over to recycle your resin and yield another 15% approx.
  • Carwash unit comes on a powder coated trolley with wheels
  • Flow meter and pressure gauge
  • Single outlet
  • Quick and easy resin changes into the refillable jumbo DI cartridges
  • New Zealand made
  • This system can be van/truck mounted with the addition of a water fed pole and brush can be fitted for window cleaning.

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