Hi Mark & Jodie, wanted to let you know that I am loving the Pure Wash Cleaning system.

I purchased the unit along with the carbon fibre Pole/Brush, and whilst it was an expensive initial outlay, it is now a saving me lots of time and lots of money, even though I am now washing the boat, trailer and car much more often because it is so much easier! 

No chemicals, no scrubbing, no messing!

I have to say my wife is pretty happy too as I am cleaning her windows more often, not an easy job over two stories next to the beach, but this system makes it simple, and the windows have never been so sparkling! Happy wife, happy life!

If there is a drawback, it is all the neighbours popping round to borrow it!

This is a great innovative product, and I could say much more, but I'm dashing off now to clean the caravan. Not many people can say they look forward to cleaning eh?


Bach owner Whiritoa

Customer Reference September 2017:

I have had occasion to request the services of Power Water Blasting Services for work to be done around the property and swimming pool for one of my clients.

I would like to Thank the company for their prompt attention, and their efforts in ensuring a very presentable end result.

I appreciated the contact from Mark Power in keeping me informed of their expected time of arrival and their progress .

I would happily recommend Power Water Blasting Services and would have no hesitation in requesting assistance from them again.

Yours Sincerely,
Jenny Green fdinz



Dear Mark,


I have been using the Pure water system now for several months with very good results. Initially it was purchased for window washing but we have found it a major asset to car washing also. Living on the coast window washing has always been a frequent job which took a lot of time using a soft brush and blade to dry. The time has been cut in half with the Pure water system. Car washing time ( we live on an unsealed section of road) has been reduced by more than half with a better finished result than hand washing.


Kind Regards, Grant


Taiharuru Farms Lodge